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EHR Simulation Prototype thumbnail

EHR Sim Prototype: Pain Tx Challenge

An interactive electronic health record simulation to provide practice diagnosing and treating pain. Primary contributions include animations and form validations to help guide potential users.

Canvas Takeover

Capstone: HTML5 Canvas Game Prototype

Graduate capstone project. Designed to help users learn and experiment with HTML5 Canvas.

The Parlour Mobile Redesign thumbnail

Mobile Site Design: The Parlour

A potential mobile website design for a local ice cream shop (The Parlour).

The Court Jester Motion Typography Video

Motion Typography: The Court Jester

"The Pellet with the Poison" speech from The Court Jester in motion.

Cambiando Vidas Style Guide thumbnail

Branding: Cambiando Vidas Style Guide

A style guide for the rebranding of nonprofit Cambiando Vidas.

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